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How Do I Get My Email Into My BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.?


Unfortunately, the technology used to get email to BlackBerries, iPhones, and other mobile devices is different than the technology used to get email to your laptop or table-top computer.

POP = The computer goes and gets the mail for you.
PUSH = The computer waits to have mail delivered to it.

Personal computers (whether Windows or Mac) use the POP protocol while Blackberries, iPhones, etc., use PUSH protocol to work. So, when you want your email on your mobile devices, you have some choices:

Install software on your BlackBerry or iPhone to go get your mail

Install software onto your mobile device that will go and get the mail for you, instead of waiting to have it delivered

Install software on your computer to send the mail to your mobile

If you don't want to install software on your mobile device, you can install software onto your computer that will bring in the mail just like usual, but then will ALSO send it to your BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.

Have two email accounts

While this is usually the least desirable solution, you can have both a "regular" email address and a "mobile" email address.  While confusing to your contacts, it saves you from having to install software on your mobile device or your computer.

Logging into a traditional email account and into a Blackberry to access your email vary slightly. When logging into your email account on your computer you would log in as name@website.com but when logging into your email account on your Blackberry replace the '@' with the plus sign, '+' so your login appears as name+website.com.

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