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How Do I Set Up My Email?


Setting up email is a two-sided process: setting up the hosting server and then setting up your computer. The settings for your account name, account password and the server names must match.

If you're hosting your site and/or handling email through BusyBrain, Inc., we're happy to provide all of the information you need and to set up the server to handle your email as you wish. If you're hosting with another company, they'll need to provide the information to you for the "server side" of the email set up.

The information you need from us is:

Once you have these five pieces of information, you can set up your computer to check the server and bring your mail in to you.

Username MUST be in lowercase.
For example "Mark@busybrain.net" will not work because of the uppercase "M". mark@busyBrain.net also will not work because of the uppercase "B".

Use these links to see our videos on how to setup your email software:


Use these links to find Microsoft's directions on setting up email depending on the software and version that you use:

Outlook 2003

Outlook 2007

Outlook Express - Windows XP, 2000, ME

Windows Mail (Formerly Outlook Express) - VISTA

BusyBrain suggests that if you don't need all of the features in Outlook, that you use Outlook Express for your email. Outlook Express is simply for handling email.....and thus doesn't take all of the hard drive space and memory of the multi-faceted Outlook. Here are the links to the Microsoft instructions for working with both Outlook Express and with Outlook:

XP Users: Click here to read about Service Pack 3 for Windows XP and to get your free download and installation from Microsoft. Service Pack 3 for Windows XP.