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How Do I Set Up My Email on the New Servers?


We are in the process of moving your web site and email to new servers. We are trying to make it as easy on you as we can.

Your email address will remain the same. If it was Mark@BusyBrain.net it will still be Mark@BusyBrain.net.

The minor change is that your user name will change from only your user name to your user email address.

Using the above example: the email server login name was Mark. It will now be Mark@BusyBrain.net.

Method 1 - Automatic Popup Window

Method 2 - Change Email Account Settings


Method 1 - Automatic Popup Window

This is very simple to change. Sometime soon you will see a window pop up similar to:

All you will have to do is add the “AT” sign and the rest of your domain name.


You should NOT change the password box at all. Keep away from the password box. Notice that we also checked the “Save this password…” check box (if available).

That is all there is to it.

For those of you that use webmail from time to time (a way to get your unseen email using a browser like MS Internet explorer) the new address for webmail is: http://Webmail.YourDomainName.ext.

Using the example shown in the graphics above, their new webmail address would be: Webmail.BusyBrain.net. The webpage will ask for your email name and password.

If you happen to have ANY problems do not hesitate to call us and we will walk you through the process.


Method 2 - How to Change Email Account Settings

This will also move your email to the new server so you will have to change your email login name in Outlook from Just "Name" to "Name@DomainName.EXT" OR "Name+DomainName.EXT".

You may need to use the plus symbol (+) instead of the AT (@) symbol is that some versions of Outlook (and other email clients) do not like the @ sign.

Your password will remain the same.

Here is the Accounts Properties window showing where to change the login information:

Fig 1

Clicking on the "more settings" button gives you four more tabs of information (fig 2):

Fig 2

Once you have verified the information you can click on the "test Account settings" button to verify that everything is working properly (see fig 1).