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SMTP (Small Mail Transfer Protocol) Server Addresses


As of 01/01/07 more ISPs are shutting down relaying and so you MUST send email through their systems.

Please click here if you're unsure of how to set up your Outlook or Outlook Express email program.

This list is current as of 01/15/07

1&1 smtp.1and1.com
Adelphia mail.adelphia.net
AOL smtp.aol.com
AT&T (Broadband) mail.attbi.com
AT&T (Dialup) smtp1.attglobal.net
Atlantic Broadband smtp.atlanticbb.net
BellAtlantic.net smtpout.bellatlantic.net
BellSouth mail.bellsouth.net
BlueLight smtp.bluelight.net
BrightHouse - Central Florida smtp-server.cfl.rr.com
Cable One mail.cableone.net OR authmail.cableone.net
Charter smtp.charter.net
Comcast smtp.comcast.net
Compuserve smtp.compuserve.com
Covad smtp.covad.net
Cox Internet - Georgia pop.east.cox.net - Updated 01/15/07
Cox Internet - All Others Click here
Crosslink smtp.crosslink.net
Cypress smtp.cypresscom.net
DCANET smtp-relay.dca.net
Delmarva Online mail-gw.dmv.com
Delta Net smtp.deltanet.com
DirecWay smtp.direcway.com
Dotster smtpauth.registerapi.com
DSLExtreme smtp.dslextreme.com
Earthlink mail.earthlink.net OR smtpauth.earthlink.net
Edge.net mail.edge.net
Embarq smtp.embarqmail.com
Enter smtp.enter.net
EROLS mail.erols.com
Ezy smtp.ezy.net
Flashcom smtp.flashcom.net
Frontline.net smtp.fcc.net
Gateway.net smtp.Gateway.net
GoDaddy Use your Internet Service Provider's SMTP
Google smtp.gmail.com
GTI mail.gti.net
IBM.Global net smtp1.ibm.net
Interaccess.com smtp.interaccess.com
ioNet Inc mail.ionet.net
Juno smtp.juno.com - Some accounts can't change SMTP on Juno
Lycos smtp.mail.lycos.com OR try your ISP's SMTP
Mac.com smtp.mac.com
Mail.com Use your Internet Service Provider's SMTP
MCI mailrelay.mciworldcom.net or mailrelay.internetmci.co
Mediacom mail.mchsi.com
Mediaone.net smtp.ce.medione.net
MegaPath mail.megapathdsl.net
Mindspring smtp.mindspring.com
MPower smtp.mpowercom.net
MSN smtp.email.msn.com  Click to view special instructions for MSN
Nauticom mail.nauticom.net
Netcom smtp.ix.netcom.com
Netcom.com smtp.ix.netcom.com
Netscape smtp.isp.netscape.com
NetZero smtp.netzero.com or try smtp.netzero.net
NuVox smtp.nuvox.net   (Thanks to Ashley West of Connect-It for this info)
OPTOnline Internet service mail.optonline.net
PacBell mail.pacbell.net
Pacifier smtp.pacifier.com
Pipeline smtp.pipeline.com
Prodigy smtp.prodigy.net
Qwest Internet service pop.dnvr.qwest.net
RCN smtp.rcn.com
Rediff smtp.rediffmailpro.com
River, The mail.theriver.com
RLWD smtpout.secureserver.net
Road Runner Click to find your SMTP server based on your state
Rogers (CANADA) smtp.broadband.rogers.com
SBC Internet service smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com
SCB (Pacbell) mail.pacbell.net
SBC - Global Ameritech smtp.ameritech.yahoo.com
SBC - Global Flash smtp.flash.yahoo.com
SBC - Global NVBell smtp.nvbell.yahoo.com
SBC - Global Prodigy smtpauth.prodigy.net
SBC - Global SNet smtp.snet.yahoo.com
SBC - Global SWBell smtp.swbell.yahoo.com
SBC - Global Wans smtp.wans.yahoo.com
SBC - Global Yahoo! smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com
StarStream smtp.starsteam.net
Seanet mx.seanet.com
ServNet mx.serv.net
SpeakEasy mail.speakeasy.net
SprintPCS smtp.sprintpcs.com
Sprynet smtp.sprynet.com
Starpower smtp.starpower.net
TDS Telecom smtp.tds.net  (Thanks to Tim Fitzgerald of NexGen-USA for this info)
The River mail.theriver.com
Time Warner / Road Runner Click to find your SMTP server based on your state
Verizon Internet Service outgoing.verizon.net OR Click here
VisiNet smtp.visinet.net
WHRO mail.whro.net
Wide Open West smtp.mail.wideopenwest.com
XO Communications mail.njd.xo.com OR smtp.concentric.net
Yahoo smtp.mail.yahoo.com
Ziplink smtp.ziplink.net smtp.ziplink.net


If not listed below, try here: Road Runner SMTP based on state

AL Birmingham smtp-server.bham.rr.com
CA Bakersfield smtp-server.bak.rr.com
CA San Diego smtp-server.san.rr.com
CA South.CA (LA) smtp-server.socal.rr.com
DE Wilmington smtp-server.ec.rr.com
FL Cape Coral/Naples smtp-server.swfla.rr.com
FL Central Florida/Orlando smtp-server.cfl.rr.com
FL Tampa Bay smtp-server.tampabay.rr.com
HI Hawaii smtp-server.hawaii.rr.com
IN Indianapolis smtp-server.indy.rr.com
KS Kansas City smtp-server.kc.rr.com
LA Shreveport smtp-server.sport.rr.com
MA Berkshire, MA smtp.nycap.rr.com
ME Portland, ME smtp-server.maine.rr.com
MI Detroit smtp-server.twmi.rr.com
MI Jackson/Monroe smtp-server.jam.rr.com
MN Minneapolis smtp-server.mn.rr.com
MS Midsouth, Miss smtp-server.midsouth.rr.com
NC Charlotte smtp-server.carolina.rr.com
NC Fayetteville smtp-server.nc.rr.com
NC Greensboro smtp-server.traid.rr.com
NC Raleigh-Durham smtp-server.nc.rr.com
NE Lincoln, NE smtp-server.neb.rr.com
NJ Bergen smtp-server.nj.rr.com
NY Albany smtp.nycap.rr.com
NY Binghamton smtp-server.stny.rr.com
NY Manhattan smtp-server.nyc.rr.com
NY Norwich, NY smtp-server.stny.rr.com
NY Rochester smtp-server.rochester.rr.com
NY Staten Island smtp-server.si.rr.com
NY Syracuse smtp-server.twcny.rr.com
OH Cincinnati smtp-server.cinci.rr.com
OH Columbia smtp-server.sc.rr.com
OH Columbus smtp-server.columbus.rr.com
OH NE Ohio smtp-server.neo.rr.com
OH West. Ohio smtp-server.woh.rr.com
TN Midsouth TN smtp-server.midsouth.rr.com
TX Austin smtp-server.austin.rr.com
TX Corpus Christi smtp-server.stx.rr.com
TX El Paso smtp-server.elp.rr.com
TX Houston smtp-server.houston.rr.com
TX Laredo smtp-server.stx.rr.com
TX San Antonio smtp-server.satx.rr.com
TX Waco smtp-server.hot.rr.com
WI Milwaukee smtp-server.wi.rr.com
WI NE WI smtp-server.new.rr.com