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Spec Mock-Ups & Enhancements


When you come to BusyBrain for a new or re-developed web site, we talk with you to make sure we know exactly what you want, and then provide at least TWO spec mock-ups. After you review the spec mock-ups, we again work with you to combine, edit or enhance them until they're exactly what you want and maybe even more!

Follow the pictures below to see how we worked with Precision Painting & Remodeling of Raleigh, NC:


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Customer said they wanted something "Bright" with "Earth Tones." We created Spec #1:

Customer liked spec, but said it wasn't "Bright." We realized that what he called "Bright," we called "Metallic." We created Spec #2 and Spec #3:

The customer LOVED the colors and general lay-out of #3, and that was all we needed to enhance it. Working with the customer, we took #3 and added 3D gold lettering, changed the font, added more texture to the top, and swapped the horizontal menu for the "wooden pieces" menu.