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A Word about WordPress...


What's the scoop on using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other Template / CMS programs?

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other on-line software programs are available for folks with no coding or graphics experience to create their own web site.  All of these programs, called "CMS" or "Content Management Systems", allow you to load a template file and then customize the template using their software.   In addition, companies such as WIX, GoDaddy and others offer similar "Do It Yourself" programs where you build and edit your own site using their on-line software.

What's the difference between making a web site with these programs and a BusyBrain custom site?

Forget computers for a minute and think about a cake.  There are many ways of obtaining a cake, and obviously one way is to bake it yourself.  You buy a box of cake mix, add eggs and water, and you're done.  You can't really customize it by adding or removing ingredients, it may end-up a bit lopsided, and maybe the frosting and decorations aren't going to win any awards.  BUT, you baked it yourself and saved money over buying a cake at a bakery.

Another way to obtain a cake is to talk with a bakery and tell them exactly what you want.  You specify how many layers, what type of cake each layer will be, the frosting, decorations, etc.   While they're creating the cake for you, you can spend time doing other things....like growing your business.  Yes, you'll pay the bakery, but you'll have a customized cake that's guaranteed to look and taste professional.  AND you were able to do other things rather than learn how to bake a cake.

Like all other "Do It Yourself" systems, your final result will depend on your input.

Remember that a "web site" is comprised of many ingredients, and putting them all together is the FUN part.  Before you get to the fun though, you have to figure out marketing (what items to put where and how), a menu (where visitors don't get lost or frustrated), type in all the data, write all the Title and Description tags, re-name photos, add alt-tags, create or edit graphics, know how to input code for search engines (and how to keep it current), create and code traffic tracking accounts, ensure that all forms, zoom-in photo galleries and more are all working, etc.


If you're ready for a professional site, Contact BusyBrain today!

When to use a Template/CMS System:

  • You have zero money to invest for web site development or electronic marketing.
  • You're not concerned about a financial return from your web site.
  • You're not concerned about search engines finding or ranking your site.
  • You don't mind if your site looks like others using the same template.
  • Your job is to maintain a web site, and you don't know HTML code and/or need "plug-ins" for marketing.
  • You're experienced in electronic marketing and want to learn more about coding and working with graphics.
  • Limitations on fonts, colors, graphics, etc., don't matter to you.
  • You want to do it all yourself.

If you DO NOT meet the criteria listed above, then you should consider investing in a professional team to create a professional site to increase your professional income.

As of 11/01/2013, BusyBrain has rescued SEVENTEEN customers from CMS limitations.  One customer could work with WordPress very well, but couldn't write ad copy that was alluring to search engines.  Another had great graphics, but the menu was different on every page!  BusyBrain was not only were able to make their sites LOOK they way they wanted, but we provided marketing and coding touches so their sites brought in traffic AND converted the visitor to a customer!   Check out our Special Victims Unit.